Help with bathroom and ensuite layout please!

10 days ago
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Hi everyone!

I'm just about to embark on renovating a house we just purchased. The budget is not huge but am looking at tearing the current green bathroom apart and starting new.

I initially wanted to add a basin in the toilet, but the only way I can see this happening is if I extend the wall, move the doors and have the entrance into the toilet coming from the laundry. It feels like a lot of work and money... is it worth it? Given that the bathroom and laundry is right next door and either of the 2 sinks can be used if the bathroom is occupied.

How would you change the layout of the rooms? They are quite small but ideally I'd like to have a larger vanity in both the bathroom and ensuite. We do need a bathtub as we have young children.

Current plans attached.

The internal measurements are:

Bath: 3x2.17

Toilet: 1.87x0.85

Laundry: 3x1.67

Ensuite: 2.3x1.9

Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks!

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