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Ideas for fixing floor plan please

clare Ro
last month

Hi everyone, we have completed our conversion of the undercroft garage to be split in two and created a second living area downstairs.
This has lead to further ideas being explored on what to do with our layout. It turns out my husband really doesn’t love that our kitchen and main living area are on the top split level and are disconnected from all outdoor living spaces. So we started looking at how this can be improved, because we have enough room here just not the right layout. We were thinking we could move our master down to the bottom level (2nd living area) and convert the laundry to be an ensuite.
Then considered doing a major swap around and moving kitchen and living to where the bedrooms are and move 2 kids bedrooms to where the current lounge is. We would need to install a new bathroom on this level I imagine. Also a little sitting area for the kids and small desk area where the current kitchen is. The pool area is currently west of the master bedroom and is where we do all our entertaining but it’s very far away from current kitchen and main living.
This would be a major renovation, one we would plan for 3/5 years time, we just want to see if it’s workable or decide it’s not and look at selling because my husband is so unhappy with it. Attached is current floor plan and blank floor plan as we are willing to just gut the house and move everything around. The kitchen and bathrooms are very dated and poorly renovated in the early 90’s so they need redoing in the near future but rather than fixing them where they are we are willing to move them to where we would love to use them.
We are also hoping to really utilise the north facing light too with any changes we make, which currently is blocked up by all bedroom walls with no windows.
All ideas are gratefully accepted! Thank you so much

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