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Never ending saga of my facade

last month

Sorry I've posted the front of my house in part discussions I can't find.
But we've made progress on landscaping and paving and re- planting soon to occur.
I want to re-paint and I'd love it if some skilled photoshopper could give me an idea of what it would look like if all brickwork painted black. The roof is monument and so are trims around door and to the front but the 2 left windows are black.
We've changed the front stairs which will be paved in these large pavers and there will be plants behind the retaining wall.
In trying to decide what to paint the retaining walls (I quickly did the 2 little ones black just to cover them up).
I know it's looking terribly bare at the moment (and looked fairly lush beforehand although it was mostly dodgy stuff in bed near the house).
Will probably be planting some Japanese maples. I do have a massive planting list which I may make some substitutions for. I'd like to have dichondra silver falls trailing down that retaining wall and either a small maple planted there or a small silver dollar type eucalypt.
Front door can be changed. If the facade was all black there is a rather nice Porters Paint green I think would work.

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