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Yes/no Pendants for kitchen island & how to choose the right size?

First time builder
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

What would be the recommended size for a 3m x1.2m kitchen island for 3 pendants?
Here are a few options in my mind, will either of them work, or could 3 x 400 mm pendants be too big and 3x300 mm a little small for the island?
Picture 1 - Hamilton - width 300 mm
Picture 2 - schoolhouse - 2 sizes available, small 300 mm or large 400 mm
Picture 3 - Alfred pendant 300 mm

Or perphase there is no need to have pendants over the island?

As it's next to the dinning (picture 4) and we have selected a feature light over dinning area.

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