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What height,spacing for 1 x Pendant Light in the Corner of a room

last month

I have a freestanding Floor Lamp in 1 corner of my TV room. I like it because its low glare and often when watching TV we will turn every other light off such as the nearby kitchen (Dining, Kitchen and TV are one big area) . However I now want to free the floor up from this light and hang one pendant on a dimmer instead. (the other corner has a built up Ikea furniture thing and is not getting a light)

Pendant below not at any particular height, just for you to see it.



150mm by 220mm High

Current setup, wonky floor lap (the light going upwards is not needed)


How high off the floor should it hang. Note floor to ceiling is 2400mm high.


Also what distance out from the corner should I have it, or what minium distance out can it be without being too close to look silly.

The edge of the wooden TV unit to the wall is 1930mm, however I dont want this light centered, i want it as a corner light.

This image doesnt really help, the room is a large tv room not a bedroom and there will be no chair under this light, but its an example

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