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Design dilemma - aligning two floors

24 days ago

We have a block of land and have reduced the floor plan of the previous design, however we are challenged as the current plan has the floors overhanging to North and then under-hanging (is that a word?) to the South. So we’d need a roof over the southern end of the ground floor, and then to the north, we have the deck with a big overhang.

North is essentially to the left of the snips below.

Ideally we’d shunt the first floor to the south and align with the bottom floor. This would reduce the overhang of the deck to the North. This deck is likely to be reduced in size also.

The challenge is the lift and how this fits joining the floors. We anticipate an elderly parent joining us at some stage.

We’d like to increase the size of the two bedrooms downstairs, feel the master bedroom is too big, and like the master bedroom to be separated from any other bedroom for privacy. We are looking at having a suspended slab.

Views are out to east and slightly to north and south. The block slop runs diagonally from the South West corner down to the north east corner. Hence contracting (up) to the south helps with the views.

Appreciate your thoughts on how we can achieve a more balanced alignment, where the lift could go and any other adjustments/suggestions.

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