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The COS design featuring the fire pit all illuminated looks lovely, ,though I have a problem with the idea of obtaining all the logs the same size so they will look pretty and with all the bending, stacking, positioning and unstacking as well as with spiders that just love under-bench storage. ( @ maudiej!). I have a granite rock outdoor fire pit but the wood is obtained from a pile where the wood cutter dropped it out of sight down the back. No such thing as "pretty logs all in a row" and not about to neatly stack 2 tonne! One would need to purpose order those ptetty neat logs and they would not be inexpensive.
I would love a whole room with shelves for in Organised Living!
I think I'd have a nervous breakdown if I needed a storage room as in Board and Vellum although I know some who would think they were in organised housewife heaven...and my Nana with her brood of 12 would have probably thought she was if she'd had that much stuff to store.
The nuns in boarding school would have loved it too!
PIC 14..hooks and hangers..GREAT.
PIC 9 Rolling Ladder up to high storage nooks OK for the able bodied...but dangerous. I've fallen from one of those breaking both ankles trying to land on my feet like a cat so not to do my new hip....determined that I was as good as new. Dreaming! I'd hate to have to climb up there to dust or to see what I had up there... even with two good legs.
Some very good ideas and some not so.
Thanks Sam Briones for a really interesting article! I am always stumped for storage ideas in a small space and not always practical putting extra things out in a shed.

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In The Closet

I am loving this read, I really like the use of the space in the last picture from Board and Vellum…. This space is so practical, it's amazing how they have made use of all the space without cluttering the room. It's friendly for both adults and the kids. Well done!

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