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M.B. Designs

We did something similar on our latest remodel. To avoid extra landfill waste and reduce the cost of the lumber package, we bought a pneumatic nail remover. My framers were kind enough to reuse EVERY good 2x4 we removed when we raised the ceiling on this tiny house. The boards were ALL reused.

We also had Restore come pick up the appliances that looked pretty haggard. They fix and clean them up to sell at the local Habitat store.

The cabinets had mold and mice damage so we weren’t able to donate those but we feel great about the repurposed and donated items we WERE able to save!

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Debbie Lusk

My favorite kind of advice for living! Two of us live in just under 1000sqft and have done so peacefully for a little over five years. Except for the every now and then desire to have a massive dining room or a spa bath, we do fine. We have expanded an upgraded shed on the property, (6800sqft), and added what I call and enclosed garden bathroom complete with a toilet and sink inside and a claw footed tub outside and we use it every day. This was a good way for us to find space for a second bathroom.

We have used some of the suggestions here in this story and they work for us for now and as we age. Utilizing outdoor space is one great way to expland without adding more and letting nature in your own back yard be part of your home.

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Deborah lippitt

In remodels I've done..we used the old cabinets out in the barn shed or garage. Even the counter tops I've resized and reused in the shop garage etc.

Thumbs up on reusing the 2x4s!! We did that too..ours were rough cut clear 100 year old pine!

Even on newer remodels..I always yank the nails and reuse the wood. I try not to waste a thing.

When we moved to our current home.. the kitchen layout was awful! The sink and cook top were crammed in a corner together.

We took the countertops off and separated the cabinets from each other and rearranged them so the layout worked much better..we didn't have to buy new cabinets! Plus they are natural cherry!

I had an old rolling cabinet (24x18) I bought some butcher block (42x25) and attached it to the cab along with some decorative wrought iron brackets and now I have a rolling island!

I have some scraps of put that under our wood cart..the wood always seems to drip sap..better on the linoleum scrap than the floor!

Debbie Lusk..beautiful job!! Love it!


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