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Love sandstone & we are lucky to have heaps of sandstone houses in SA. Sandstone is a timeless material and looks great across design spectrum. Sadly some of the homes in Adelaide are being demolished to make way for duplexes with no design to them, just little boxes.

We are starting to renovate this beauty. She's over 100, made from local stone and sits in a country town. We recently had the front re-mortared (below the verandah), have a friend who trained in the UK & is expert at lime mortar. We'll be replacing the roof and widening the verandah to wrap around the sides....soon. Air conditioner in front will disappear next time we are there ;)

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Kerrie Langloy7

I just adore sandstone! I replaced terracotta (very slippery) steps & front porch in Himilayan sandstone. In my foyer & very lux master ensuite bathroom i used those fabulous life like faux sandstone tiles.

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We Design and Build Stone Villa's in Adelaide

Traditional New Builds that look old

Heritage Building Group


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