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Landscaping Ideas To Reduce Impact of Tennis Court Fence

7 years ago
Hi All, Just looking for some tips about what to do with a tennis court fence and adjacent garden. Currently, the fence divides a section of our back yard in two...tennis court on one side and garden on the other. I have recently transplanted std gardenias into the garden, but they have found the move too much, espec. with some near 40 celcius days recently. I intend to remove the std gardenias first. Then, alternative 1. cover tennis court fence with star jasmine (but this would really cut the area into two (smaller) separate areas. Alternative 2. Grow a Murraya hedge in the garden next to the fence (not sure whether I should shape as a normal hedge and to what height OR follow the shape of the tennis court fence). Alternative 3. Grow Iceberg Std Roses in white and apply a ground cover. Any thoughts or other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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