How many throw pillows are too many on the bed?

Emily Hutchinson
October 20, 2015
last modified: November 19, 2015

A waste of time, or a pretty decorative touch? How many are too many for the bed?

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Comments (36)

  • 7weed1
    I can't see the point. We only need a pillow to sleep. So, what's the point? Where do you put them when you want to use the bed? It just seems like more unnecessary "stuff" to me. Gee, that sounds really negative doesn't it? If I confess that I can't even see the point in making the bed each morning, that may put my comments in perspective. ;-)
  • wuff
    I like making my bed, it is very simple in design, only 3 decorative pillows. It makes the room look so nice (in my humble opinion) it such a lovely room with the morning sun, I love the is my favourite room
  • PRO

    1 is too many, but my wife wouldn't agree

  • chookchook2

    Less throw pillows is the current look.

  • LouieT

    I just bought three new throw pillows for decoration & I love how they transformed the look of the bed. I also have two euro pillows as well as the two for sleeping on.

    At night they just go in the corner or on the storage box & I literally throw them on in the morning after making the bed!

  • myownstyle13

    Completely agree with 7weed1!

  • PRO
    Emily Hutchinson

    I'm still in two minds about throw pillows. I have a couple and I love them, but they end up on the ground when I go to bed. Maybe it's worth investing in a storage box like LouieT!

  • Mary Langley

    I have 9 on my bed.. I use four and pop the decorative cushions on a chair.. It's nice to come home to a well made bed.

  • jmm1837

    I have 3 - they add colour to the room without overpowering it. And they provide exercise as my better half and I compete with each other to toss them into the armchair at night without having them fall on the floor. He has a very good frisbee-type toss, I must say.

  • mykky48

    We have our sleeping pillows and 2 dress pillows which match the whatever bedspread in on at the moment.....I think any more is just prissy clutter!! And don't get me started on all those 'don't sit here' cushions on the couches.....

  • telperien

    Husband isn't a fan of throw pillows - in his opinion, they're called "throw pillows" for a very good reason - to be thrown right out of the room!

  • chookchook2

    He sounds fun!

  • telperien
    As long as he doesn't grab a cat by mistake and throw it!
  • jmm1837

    @telperien: your hubby is missing the skill required to lodge a pillow in a chair without hitting the back or sides. It's an art, I tell you.

  • chookchook2

    If he played AFL he could handball it in.

  • jmm1837

    It requires more finesse than that. He needs to have played tiddlewinks.

  • chookchook2

    How can he go into a pub and tell his mates he's been playing tiddlywinks? That's like guys who look at a picture of Big Bang theory and not notice Penny, lol!

  • telperien
    Hubby is famous in our little circle as the man who caught a ball on the full while talking on his mobile , playing in a kids vs adults end of season cricket game (he was on call at the time).
  • chookchook2

    Hmm, try him on the Penny test, my hubby saw a blokes head first!

    Lucky he didn't drop the phone!

  • jmm1837

    He's like every other guy who goes into a pub, Chookchook. He lies. Biggest fish caught, most magnificent mark taken, greatest sales pitch made, whatever. But so long as he keeps landing those cushions in the chair without hitting the sides, I'll be impressed, and that's all that matters.

  • olldroo

    Gotta love husbands - but to get back to the original question how many can you handle taking off each night, finding somewhere to put them other than the floor, and putting them all back the next day and how long you can keep that up for. I don't think we are as precious as our US cousins when it comes to this.

    7weed - there is method in your madness - an unmade bed gathers no dust mites, they like the warmth of a made bed to breed. I have an excuse for everything.

  • telperien
    Maybe that's why my kids never make the bed... Or, maybe not....!
  • olldroo

    I didn't think kids and bed making went in the same sentence.

  • chookchook2

    It's good to pull the covers back and air the bed out before you make it.

  • Luke Buckle

    I will think of this poll now every time i see a bed half covered in pillows...

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  • olldroo

    Houzz derailed many of my thoughts years ago!!

  • hayley

    @oldroo - in a good way though right? ;)

  • hayley

    As for pillows, i stop at 3. Less is more, I say.

  • olldroo

    Definitely made life a lot easier misshayley.

  • karenleonn
    1 is too many!!
  • Tracey Shepherd

    An individuals taste, up to no ones opinion but your own !!!!

  • macyjean

    Reading this thread, the picture I got (maybe from another discussion because I'm sure I've seen this talked about before?) was a dividing line somewhere between

    a few extra pillows which enhance the bed aesthetically, are potentially useful for sitting up to read a book, and are easily stored elsewhere when not required


    too many extra pillows which make the bed look less like a bed and more like a pillow factory, are potentially useful for an attempt at a world record pillow fight, and keep you up all night moving them when you need access to the bed.

  • olldroo

    ........................ and for falling over when you need to answer a hasty nature call in the wee small hours.

  • telperien
    Or maybe providing a soft landing when you do trip over them...?
  • olldroo

    Yeah, as we get older we don't tend to bounce as well.

  • Bunyip

    @macymacmaples That's how I roll. I have two cushions to use as backrests for reading, watching tv etc, and then just my regular sleeping pillows. I can't stand pillows going on the floor.