Reliable toilet suite any recommendations

February 3, 2016
last modified: August 22, 2017

My plumber favours close coupled or back to wall toilet suites that can be repaired easily. Can anyone suggest a simple streamlined design for a toilet that has an easily accessible cistern, flushes in one go, ie half and full flush get rid of waste properly. My plumbing requires an S trap, set out wall to centre 130 - 140mm and back entry. I am interested in brands where spare parts are easy to get, ideally universal fittings and seats replaceable etc. Have looked at Porcher (Reece house brand) and Caroma styles such as Opal but some forums report leaking problems.

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  • bigreader
    I have a caroma geo. Hate it. MMultiple repairs. I also have a base model caroma with ceramic cistern. Which I love, no problems in 8+ years.
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  • jmm1837

    We had 3 Porchers in our last house. No problems over 10 years.

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  • scottevie


  • tarotlova
    I have brought a Caroma Urbane for my new build, it will suit your set out plus it can be plumbed as a back entry this means there will be no tap & hose visible from one side of the toilet it is done from inside the cistern. This toilet is also higher like a disabled toilet and is more streamlined than the Opal which is quiet chunky.
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  • PRO
    Beach Bathrooms

    Only purchase brand names, never purchase online

    any product from Reece

    Caroma reputable and will guarantee their product


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  • antonia_d
    I have the Caroma Urbane as well. We have both the close coupled suite and the one with the cistern in the wall. It's very comfortable. Prefer it to the Roca we have in our main bathroom.
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  • lomboshouse
    we have the caroma profile and as far as toilets; looks and water use goes I love it. never had an issue in almost 9 yrs now.
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  • wollemi

    Hi all, thank you all so much for your comments, I went with Caroma Luna back to the wall. My plumber had liked the profile 4 but looks like they don't do them anymore. There is such a difference between a saleperson's advice, vs plumbers & toilet users so appreciate all your feedback. Makes a big diff confidence wise.

  • Italian Girl

    Hi, how are you liking the Caroma Luna??

  • Vy

    We've got both the Caroma Urbane and Fowler Seido..

    At the rental I had to replace both of the seats for the two Porcher..I wouldn't go Porcher..

    Urbane is good if you're tall or old..I find it too high for my height..

  • Noemi

    Hi there. Also I nterested to know what you thought about your Caroma Luna.

    I'm considering the Caroma Luna or Urbane. I prefer the specs of the Urbane. But the back of my toilet will have to sit against a wall with a window above the toilet cistern. Luna is shorter than Urbane, which make its height preferable. Urbane might just only about fit under the window frame ...

    Any thoughts anyone? Thanks a lot!

  • Vy

    noemifoo..just looked at the specs its seat is same height as our Fowler Seido ..I don't think it's a problem, should be fine.

  • Italian Girl

    Didn't end up going with Caroma...ended up going with Villeroy and boch...Much better quality ;)

  • melrop

    I'm surprised to see someone recommending Villeroy and Boch toilets, and would love to see what they think after a couple of years. We were recommended this brand by our supplier (Hardware and General in Brookvale). It was a lot more expensive than the others, but we liked the design and we were happy to pay for something that we thought was better quality. We have had nothing but problems with it, and when we went back to the supplier, they contacted the company and they just said it was past the warranty period and they couldn't do anything. The rim is unglazed, so impossible to clean (the more you try to clean it, the dirtier it looks), there are a large number of cracks, and where the toilet seat connects is a dirt trap and difficult to clean. We have the original 1940s toilet from our home in the outside bathroom, and it looks immaculate. I would never recommend Villeroy and Boch - the product as well as the after sales service are terrible.

  • Alex King

    Hi wollemi

    How is the CAROMA LUNA Back To Wall toilet suite going after 3 years?