Dulux Casper white quarter? Vivid White?


We are renovating an 3 bedroom unit and are looking to paint everything white. At the moment, the walls are lexicon and the trims are some sort of weird yellowy white and it just looks awful, almost a baby blue colour.

I was thinking of going vivid white on everything as it seems to match pretty much anything but am now thinking I like Casper white quarter for the walls, keeping the trims and ceiling vivid.

Our floors are going to be timber look vinyl, Godfrey hirst vega husk, kitchen is the light grey high gloss from ikea, bathrooms are a greyish stone look tile on floor with white tiles to the roof, and ikea dark grey gloss godmorgon vanity. So a greyish, brownish, whitish palette.

Had anyone used Casper white quarter and does it throw any particular colour? I can't tell if it's warm or cool haha. Or any other recommendations


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