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low ceilings-how to make them look taller

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

hi. I am considering buying a house that has very low ceilings, I will measure tomorrow but I think they are only 7 feet, 8 at the max but I think 7. I currently live in a old house with 12 foot ceilings so low ceilings are freaking me out!!

This house has a huge lovely garden and is Georgian style which I Like and is in a nice area in a side street on a corner block. As you can see from the photo of the back of the house, it is quite attractive

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The staircase photo above is from houzz. I'd like to do panelling like that on the walls if that was ok re making ceilings look higher.

Now if I was to take it on what is the best way to make ceilings look higher?

Mirrored walls where appropriate

Vertical striped wallpaper or vertical pain stripes

Is it better to pain the walls and ceilings all the same color or is it better to use vertical striped wallpaper- but then one will clearlt see where the wall stops and the ceiling starts.

is it better to have matte or gloss ceiling?

Would it be helpful/ok to have panelling?. I love panelling and it is a Georgian style house and I like the idea of panelling

if you have any photos/suggestions that would be great

Thanking you all in advance

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