My frustrating experience with Wideline Windows Viridian Anyone Else?

Margie coogee
3 years ago

Dear Luke

We have been asking for these french doors and stacking windows (Gaps left top and bottom that light shines through) to be fixed and corrected since their installation 09 th August this year. In spite of a conversation with Craig Sunderland your manager, several emails since August and without holding back on our absolute certainty that Wideline Windows and doors are of the worst quality with the worst after service, we still cannot get these doors fixed until November?

You have told us that the service of wrongly hung window handles, mismatched window latches and stained door handles will still happen on the 16 th October. This together with the correct stainless steel screens and not the flimsy mesh screens on site will happen on the 16 th?

The list of problems with the whole product and installation ever grows longer. It has been shockingly bad experience which we will take with us and are stunned that we are still discussing.

I have added as many e mails as I can and will forward them to whoever should be aware of the shoddy experience we are having with this company.

We will be forwarding a list of what we expect to be fixed on the 16th including all the incomplete seals around the Windows and the removal of the texta 'd numbers on the remaining Windows. What a shame that after all these months you are going to be on leave on the 16 th which you hadn't mentioned until 2 days ago? Can all our concerns be directed to Craig and to his Manager above him?

Kind regards

Margie Maclean


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