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How best to position house/windows on block??????

Hi, I am just giving some thought to renovation/building of a house. I always thought that in Southern Hemisphere (Brisbane), the best aspect for living areas was North East. I just read something that says that the longest axis of house should go across East to West and that there should be as few (or no) windows on East and West side of house as possible. I can understand that having windows on west side is probably not a good thing, wouldn't having windows on East side help with North East breezes. I don't really understand how best to position rooms/windows in a house to capture the best breezes and for it to be "green" in a climate like Brisbane that never really gets cold. My block is 15.2 metres wide and 40.5m long. However, the front is North and the back, South, backs onto a park. Based on all of that, where would be the best place to position rooms and windows, in order to capture outlook and breezes. I don't really like decks. I would prefer these spaces to be inside/outside spaces: for example, rather than the area being totally open on 3 sides, I would prefer it to have windows or louvres that open up and let in breezes, but have ability to keep area rainproof.

At this stage, I am only thinking about the living being one on level (i.e.. maybe eventually 2 separate self-contained living areas on ground and level one). With the top level having the kitchen, living, main bathroom, powder room, laundry cupboard, ensuite, 3 bedrooms and small study nook/room. How would you design this on the block (assuming the garage would either be separate or on the lower level that has 2 bedroom, bathroom, powder room, living , small kitchen, laundry cupboard, garage.

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