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Are windows in shower area feasible to give more light to ensuite.

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

House not yet built in NZ but floor plan Master and ensuite/WiR as in annotated photo shows only smallish window behind toilet in ensuite on East facing wall.


1. How to get more natural light.

I want more natural light to come into Ensuite. I do not want to have a ceiling light on in daytime.

I have thought of installing a solar tube but as that is after installation and cost I would prefer a build change first.

Plan suggests that the shower should be full width alcove (1900mm South wall ) at end of room with the vanity/mirror (1000 mm max) and toilet all on the east wall for ease of plumbing and drainage.

I have thought long and hard about this but although one can design what one likes, how practical the solution?

Potential solution 1.

A high narrow depth window almost full width in shower area on South facing wall will give some light to that area which is important to me but how feasible/useful is it?

The sill will be UPVC and the window double glazed but I envisage cleaning problems due to necessary height of placement from within the shower. If an acrylic tray will a step stool legs put too much pressure on small areas?

Also would it be a 'breeding' area for condensation mould? At the moment not sure if going to be tiled walk in or custom size pre lined shower cubicle which then creates further issue as window will have to be cut into lining!

Potential solution 2

Another window on the east wall placed in shower area ( due to vanity mirror ) to balance room does not allow the shower head to be placed that end although drainage can still be. Does that then cause problems for plumbing and servicing the water input.? The west wall of the shower is an internal wall into the WIR as plan shows.

Potential Solution 3

The vanity/ mirror moved to west wall (also to benefit from light shining on it from window) permitting one wider window to be centrally placed on the East wall but this affects the plumbing layout of the vanity. Is that an issue?

This move however allows for the central heating radiator and one towel rail to be better placed on the east wall.

Query 2. Screening Toilet.

I believe that the toilet is not visible from the bedroom if the door is open which is preferred. However from within the ensuite would you screen the toilet with a lowish wall? This can perhaps add storage as not sure can fit a tall cupboard as well as vanity? Does this affect necessary clearance around toilet AND entry into room?

Aesthetics and flow into room may be an issue with Solution 3 for increasing light but whilst I am increasingly Arthritic this will not be a house to live in with a wheelchair so am not considering that.

What do others think? Grateful for any suggestions but please note that room dimensions cannot be altered.

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