What's the best layout for my fireplace?

Nicole A
May 24, 2018
last modified: July 12, 2018

Me again!

Thanks to everyone for your votes and great advice on my kitchen design dilemma (see "Which kitchen design would you choose?"). The votes ended up being almost equal, so obviously everyone wants a pantry AND a spacious kitchen with a big island (me too!). I've decided to go with an in-between version - with a small walk-in pantry that allows for a bigger island. Here is the kitchen/pantry sketched in on the floor plan:

Now that decision has been made, it's time to think about the arrangement for the fireplace, TV, cabinetry etc that will run across the back wall of the living room.

Two possible options (that's a window on the right):

1: Continue the exterior wall of the pantry so that it creates one continuous wall with the fireplace surround (approx 600mm deep); then floating cabinetry (500 deep) with 3 drawers and wall-mounted TV.

Something like this, but the fireplace surround would continue for another metre or so on the left to frame the pantry (and the length of our wall on the TV side is about 1.5m shorter):

(Image from Ronnie & Georgia's living room from The Block)


2: Inset the fireplace surround so it only needs to be about 200mm deep, with cabinetry running all the way across, so under the fireplace too. Something like this (but with drawers under):

(Image from Boutique Homes, their gorgeous Riviera display home in Botanic Ridge)

Which do you prefer?

fireplace option 1.tiff
fireplace option 2.tiff

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