How to frame a built-in bath and walls - dodgy builder advice thanks

Souzette Lovell
10 months ago

Hello. I'd love some advice please. My builder has done the initial framing for a pressed metal bathtub, and looks all wrong. The bathtub is pressed steel, enameled, 1500 (l) x 750 (w) - Bette brand. I'm trying to find standard guidelines for installation

My estimate is that a full tub will weigh over 450kg with water, a potentially heavy person, and the weight of the tub (at least 50kg). So I would think a timber frame on all sides, including the side built to the wall, will be essential. It's an old house with crumbly brick walls. However the builder has just rammed bolts along one side to rest the tub on that, with a full frame on only one side.

Also it's a shower over a bath, so I would think that sheeting over the rim of the bath (ie built into the wall framing) is essential - however he's left it out so that there will be a 10mm gap between bath and wall.

It's poor work all over - the wall sheets are crooked, there are large gaps etc

I'm fuming, and would love some solid Australian Standards to be able to back up what's essential here for the longevity and durability of my bathroom.

Any advice most welcome, thank you


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