Master bedroom + Ensuite - Brain storming ideas HELP

Nicole Campbell
last month

We are starting the design phase for our 1920 queenslander. We have decided to relocated our master bedroom from upstairs (with beautiful 10 foot ceiling) to the lower level to open up to the new balinese style plunge pool we intend to construct next to our existing back deck.
We are extending the lower level to include a dining, living, kitchen and laundry space that will also flow onto the pool area.
Our design constraints are that the existing lower level in 2.4m max height ceilings (we have decided not to lift due to the cost) and we have ceiling beams and columns we are trying to avoid removing or replacing elsewhere. The 2x N/W beams shown dashed on the sketch are the two non-negoatable unfortunately , they are large 250UBs that where engineering originally in 1990 when the previous owners lifted the home. (We wish they made the choice to go lifter πŸ˜”)

To the right, we will include a gusset bedroom, powder room and powder room.

To the left, we want a master suite that includes an ensuite and WIR. with the space near the front to be either a study (entered through the hallway).or a parents retreat (entered through the master)

We intent to build additional bulkhead in the master bedroom to be more visually pleasing.

The existing windows can be either replaced with doors, smaller windows or closed up completely for privacy.

We are looking for alternative layout options for our master suite Please.

Send your creative sketches our way 😊

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