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What type of grey for my glass splashback in my kitchen?


I am adding a splashback to my kitchen. It will hide a not so pretty burgundy painted surface.

Kitchen top bottom cupboards are snow / vivid white (but not glossy) with small silver handle buttons. Pantry door and another cupboard are glossy burgundy. The bench top is marble (darker grey with bits of black and reddish)

Bathroom (room next to kitchen) has just been redone has light grey big square tiles on walls and floors and is also painted white.

I have been recommended light grey as glass splashback colour, but not sure how light, how dark I should go. Cool undertone or warm grey? Would the burgundy impacts on the grey (give a light grey a slightly different tone? and therefore safer to go with darker grey?). We have a very clear glass material (not the glass with light green tinge).

I was looking at Duluz Dieskau, Feathersoft and Silver tea set as possible greys. Any advice really appreciated! Thank you Photos attached

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