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Hi Houzz Community,
We are a family of 3...2 adults and one 8 year old boy. We are renovating our home. I need help in gathering your advice and opinions on changing our floor plan. We are able to extend the front of the house 2.5m forward.
The Brief
I would like to create a home that:
-is a functional family home
-sees our only child (aged 8) through school and beyond uni
My wants for our home are:
-good storage!!! (existing home has very minimal storage, single pantry in kitchen and a double linen cupboard in hallway.....that's it)
-4 bedrooms (currently all bedrooms are fairly small, will need extending)...
-2 living areas-car accommodation (double garage)-functional kitchen with lots more storage
-ability for living areas to be separately used as ‘kid’ space and ‘adult’ space-study nook for my son close to living area or in bedroom (haven't decided?)
-indoor / outdoor connection - alfresco
-bigger, functional laundry
In addition my husband is a plumber and gets very grotty. Ideally it would be great if we could plan something where laundry or bathroom area were quite close to walking in through garage?? Just a thought at this stage.

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