Is it worth getting new kitchen door fronts?

Catherine Austin
6 months ago

So our house (built in 2000) had a very haphazard style running through it when we bought it. It looked like the people who built it couldn't decide if they wanted 1970's retro, farmstyle rustic or 1990's 'comfort'. We have slowly (literally room by room) been updating it all to a single style which I'd describe as contemporary with a bit of an industrial flair.

We do not have the money to be able to rip out the kitchen and replace it. It is quite large and our estimates put it at between 25 - 40k which we just can't afford.

Its current style (see picture) I'd put firmly in the 'farmstyle' catagory, with the cream routered door panels and black stone benchtops. Certainly pretty, nothing really wrong with it (except a couple of sagging doors) but not our style.

There is nothing 'wrong' with the kitchen per sue, and the stone benchtops absolutely gorgeous! The cabinets however, are all custom made (and not in a good way). From what we can tell they are laminated particle boards that have been screwed together (so not cabinet boxes but sheets of laminated board), with timber railings for additional support / strength. There are no backs to the cabinets, so what you see is actually the wall. Again, functional, but showing their age a bit. They are 20 years old, so some of the edging has chipped away in places exposing the particle board, and under the sink, you can see some warping from where moisture has gotten into the board (not a huge amount, but it is noticeable).

My question is this.

Would you think it is worth upgrading the cabinet fronts to a sleek dark (black) wood style with no handles (push to open/close) without replacing the cabinets (and therefore the entire kitchen, because they are all non - standard sizing, height included)? And if so, how could I go about giving the insides of the cabinets some love as well?

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