Block of land, this plan?

28 days ago

I have blacked out the roads, not that I am nervous about showing the block, it's just we have offered and they are thinking about it. It's not on the market and has been empty for 14 yrs, since the estate was established.
West faces a no man's land and then a golf course.

It's In Christchurch, NZ, west back yard to block the cold easterly wind which blows all summer and the southerlies that bring rain from Antartica.
Western sun is its warm. Think Hobart....and then colder.

Oklouise had this plan below on another thread and I think something like this would work well.
I have tweaked it, to get sun into most rooms and to have a north west view from lounge.
As that's the view of the alps and the nicest vista so oriented towards that would work well.

We may not get it, but if we do...Whaooopp
Need to be ready to build.
Our house up near the bay of islands is on the market, so we will be moving south

I have two pieces of furniture I would like to include,
A bonus room in attic somewhere (over garage or kitchen.)
I like this style of wardrobe
The room sizes are rough, think that is internal size, so could be a bit bigger....more oklouise sizes
Block is 830sq
You can build 2 mets in on all sides,
Front to street is east
Don't need alfresco, will use electric awnings on the three days it is hot.
And I like the European style, with high pitched roof, but open to anything.

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