Repair or replace dishwasher? What would you do?

16 days ago

We have a 7 year old Bosch dishwasher, German made. Hasn't missed a beat since we installed it but a couple of months ago, it began to stop mid cycle. We called the appliance repairs at a cost of $99 and he thought it was a blockage in the pipes. It happened a couple of times after that and I tried tipping the machine 45 degrees as per many many Youtube videos and all was well. Until last week when it tripped the circuit breaker just before the end of the cycle. Appliance man has come out again (another $99) and says it is the element, which can be replaced at a cost of $398. To replace with equivalent machine would be around $1100.

Question to all those who have been in the same boat: did you replace or repair? Any regrets? Any suggestions?

Environmentally, I prefer to fix things but I also like equipment to be reliable.

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