Making a Master Suite in Old House

Libby A
last month
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We want to due a staggered reno on our 1920's house, but I'd like to find a way to make one of the bedrooms a master with ensuite and WIR if possible.

The lounge room has ornate ceilings so it's my preference to not damage those but we can if we need to.

Ultimately we'd like to do a partial second story for an extra bedroom/bathroom but that's a few years down the track. We're in a heritage area so the second story cannot be seen from the street. Fireplace is functional but not necessary to maintain.

I don't want to use up any more of the backyard by extending.

My only idea so far is to join bedroom 3 (the smallest one) with the kitchen and move the kitchen right to the back of the house. I'm fine with losing the second living space but we do need some dining space.

Looking for any other ideas?

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