Are two compact combo ovens sufficient?

Mark Warren
last month

Hi, wondering if anyone has any thoughts on whether two combi ovens would be sufficient or if the full size oven is a necessity. I’m renovating/building in the inner city Melbourne and whilst I do like to cook, I’m not an avid baker or anything like that. To cover all my needs off in two appliances I was thinking:

  • one compact conventional microwave combi; and
  • one compact steam conventional combi
    The above would give me two separate ovens I can cook in, without the need for a microwave tucked away somewhere else. I imagine a compact oven wouldn’t allow you to cook a roast and something else at the same time, would the fact I have two ovens make up for this?

I’ll also have a smoker outside, so realistically if I’m ever cooking for a crowd it’s going to be with that. That being said, in terms of resale I don’t want something that will put off buyers. It would be possible to fit in a normal size oven plus a compact steam oven with a microwave elsewhere, but it’s just not ideal in terms of the layout and space I had in mind.

Appreciate your thoughts