Just moved in to our fixer-upper, ducted gas heater died 1 week later.

Jordan Elwell
6 days ago

Looking to replace our early-1990s Vulcan PowerHouse 80 with a modern gas central ducted heater. 3-br house, 7 in-floor ducts.

We have been quoted on the below:

A) Bonaire 6-star (not sure model but but 23kW/hr): $3400 installed, incl. GST

B) Braemar 5.2-star (TQM516N-KIT, 15.9kW): $2800 installed, incl. GST

Vendor A says 6-star is far superior, given long-term energy savings from the two heat exchangers in the unit. Vendor B says "5.2 star" is just as efficient without the 6-star pricetag.

Is anyone familiar with these units, and whether there is much difference between them? We are leaning towards going with the cheaper Braemare 5.2 as it still seems pretty efficient for the cost,


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