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Crazy Splashback Ideas Help Thanks

16 days ago
last modified: 16 days ago

As some of you know , I do not like grey . It is boring and shows a lack of flair , a lack of imagination IMO .

So my new place has a grey splashback , and obviously I want to change it .

No idea is too crazy .

Personally , I don't want just a different colour glass spalshback . I have considered an Onyx marble single piece with lots of natural grains -- IMO that would look classy , with the advantage that with grey and off-white grains , there will be a tie-in with the panel below the island .

I have also considered black gloss horizontal subways , possibly both the splashback and the island front ?

I have considered copper ( the idea seems great -- from what I can gather the reality of keeping it clean / getting the aging looking right / possibly dings and dents are all negatives though ) . I also considered this swirly stainless steel -- it looks great in small doses in classic cars ( a passion of mine ) but I suspect it would look like a 1970's disco here .

A fish tank is one possibility -- with the butlers pantry it could be done , but I'm not sure what heat would do -- not great I am guessing , but any advice would be great thanks .

A current thought is a bit of off-the-wall thinking haha -- copper or brass roof tiles -- obviously I have stolen that idea of wall mounting them , but I think with the splashback and the island both done , the golden coppery tones would work ?

Whats your crazy idea ?

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