Need help recovering 70s chairs with great bones, Eames lounge style

7 years ago
I picked up a pair of these lovely late 60s/early 70s lounge chairs for a steal. They desperately need to be reupholstered (currently dusty pink velour!) and I'm having trouble working out the fabric type and colour that would suit them best. They were made locally (Brisbane, Australia) about the same year as our apartment, which is a nice tie in and they have an Eames lounge look (I'll be keeping an eye out for matching ottomans).

I'd love suggestions on the type of fabric and colours. Not sure whether to go for the retro look with a bold purple or teal, or give them a more modern edge with a neutral charcoal (maybe with edge piping and/or buttons in a contrasting colour for pop?). I adore the vintage tweed wool look, but it's uber expensive and maybe too hot for our warm climate. Any suggestions or words or wisdom would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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