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Yvonne W
When we built our house a couple of years ago, one side of our house is aluminium cladding. We didn't want to spoil the look of it by having drain pipes running down it, so we installed a rain head and ran the down pipes internally, so the down pipe is between the cladding and the internal wall. So no down pipes to be seen on the outside of the the house....although if we ever need to access the down pipes, we'll have to cut through the gyprock inside the lounge room or kitchen. (cross fingers we won't have to).
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We recently purchased and live in a little chalet style home on an island. Going through renos right now, Firstly and most importantly, you MUST have a great relationship with your builder, they need to be someone on your wavelength or at least simpathetic to your choices, a lot of tradies only know how to a job one way and don't want to be bothered with anyone who has different ideas. We have a great builder, he listens, not only listens, but does his utmost to achieve our wants, no matter how off the wall sometimes and best of all he tries and suggests the cheapist possible way of achieving what we want, often in a really unique way, which we like. He always has the bigger picture in mind, as we will be adding decks etc as we go along and he considers where best to place plumbing, downpipes etc, which will give us the least problems later. He obviously loves what he does and enjoys the process as much as we do. Second: if not working to a contract price, always get a finish date and stick with it as much as possible, but obviously need to be flexible on wet days etc. Kitchens: try and afford the best kitchen you can
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em.el Decorative Architrave

What do you think about door frames? I love the deep skirting but for me a decorative door frame compliments the skirting boards & cornices.

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