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Anne your articles are always spot on
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SuzT Nobody
Mirrored medicine cupboard in stores vary in size & quality. If retailer hasn't got it on show ask which of their suppliers will do customized one. Alternative, check local cabinet makers & builders to see if they will make what you want. If not, make sure to ask why to educate yourself & have that info for next person you get to measure & quote.
Check if they build them or outsource internal section and just add mirrored door so you can choose your own mirror style.
Custom made doesn't mean made from scratch I have learned.
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Tansel Stainless Steel Pull Out Storage

Using water resistant materials in wet areas is really important. This pull out drawer is just that! The wire is stainless steel & the base is a solid acrylic, so any plumbing leaks or spills won't cause rust or corrosion. It's also an easy DIY addition to just about and bathroom cabinet. Click here for more bathroom storage...


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