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Taking the TV out of the living room and actually spending time as a family is amazing

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Kiwimills makes a good point re each family member having their own devices to view privately in their own space. It's a sad reality and to think it's all happened in only the past 10 years or so.

I'm oldish so I still remember the 'good old days' when it was normal for families to group together for awhile after dinner and either listen to music, watch something on tv together, play a board game or even to read quietly in the corner alone but still in the mix.

I wouldn't be surprised if tv's disappear from many homes altogether, replaced by even more innovative tech so chair placement won't be an issue. Teaching people how to communicate one on one or in a group might give those rooms with chairs facing each other purpose down the track but I think they'll be smaller than today.

Sports fans would baulk at no tele so I see huge screens in home theatre set up's rather than tv's in every room in our future with bedrooms becoming larger suites geared for individual needs and traditional family gathering areas smaller or disappearing altogether. The home theatre might be the family gathering room of the future where we all line up in rows, what bliss! I hope I'm long gone if we ever get that far off track.

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I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to remove the TV from our living room. Convincing my husband and children to do so would be another matter........


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