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Tina Heath if you don't have a floor above Skylights make a huge difference. I installed two operable Velux windows into my mums living room as a gift, she said it totally changed the way she lived at home. If skylights aren't an option, google heliostats (using mirrors outside to bounce light inside).
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Linda Curry
The rear of our houses faces north but a steep hill, trees we are not allowed to remove and a new house have blocked out much of our winter sun, including all our western windows.

We noticed that in the winter there was quite a lot of sun in the garden on the southern part of the house at the front so we enlarged the balcony so we can sit in the sun in the winter. Until three days ago it was too hot to sit in the sun and now it has been cold, wet and windy so we are looking forward to the time we can test out our new deck.
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Horizon Homes

As a custom home builder who helps clients design and build their dream homes - maximising the light in a home is a key part of all of our designs. Every block is different, so you need to design to the strengths of the block. Sacrificing a bit of living space to create a lightwell, will make your home more appealing to live in. The orientation of your block with also help direct where to put your wet rooms, living spaces and your bedrooms. A thoughtful design around light is one of the key features of a well created home.


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