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Our late 70's double brick home has all external walls left with exposed brick. The bricks are a monotone blonde, so it's all a bit much. I didn't want to rip out the cornice to apply gyprock (sheetrock) to the walls, so I cheated and used the thinnest, palest vinyl floor planks I could find and glued them to the wall. It has softened the master bedroom considerably. The first photo is Bedroom 2 still with exposed brick, and the master with the floor planks over the bricks.

Love the inspiration of Houzz!

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Dining room wall makeover

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Lokabhiram Saikia

Highlighting the bricks' history in a contemporary house is amazing (para 10)! Likewise, delighted by the idea of a sneak-peak (para 6). Framing a section (para 5) and using colour-contrasting mortar (para 15) are also ideas worth adopting. Thank you!


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