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Carport — keep or demolish?

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Hi, We are renovating to sell and this is the original image from when we purchased

Since then the smaller garden shed has moved to the rear concrete slab you can see on the RHS. The bigger is currently a chicken coop but will go before we sell. The RHS and rear fences have been replaced with new and we have established gardens around the LHS and rear.

The carport in question is old but reasonable quality. It has some leaks and due to small side access is not really usable for cars (except micro cars or bikes) - just storage. It is at a weird angle to the house and block - I presume this was meant to be easier to turn a car into but most just don't fit up the side to get to it!

My thoughts are to paint it all out in the same colour we are painting the roof - ironstone and dress it as an entertaining area.

My hubby wants to demolish it completely and make the yard look bigger - allbeit a concrete one.

The house doesn't have a great deal of storage but it is likely to attract a young or older couple who don't have kids. (only 2br)

Additionally we will paint the concrete - either light or charcoal grey to bring a little uniformity in. It is probably worth noting this is a low value home (mid $200's when done so not worth spending a great deal on)

Would appreciate your opinion on the carport - will save me alot of painting time if we get rid of it but I think shelter is handy....Or maybe you have a better suggestion??

Keep and paint

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