What's in your home? Venetians, Roller Blinds or Curtains?

Zone Interiors
July 10, 2016

We know there are plenty of ways to ensure privacy, shade and style when it comes to windows in our homes. We also know some are die hard fans of one or the other, to achieve the right looks.

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So what's in your home? We want to know - vote below, and comment what material/patterns/styles your own!

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Venetian Blinds
Roller Blinders

Comments (15)

  • Gioenne Rapisarda

    Roller blinds - but not by choice! Love venetians.

  • Bryan Lip
    I have curtains but don't lots of Aussies have shutters too?
  • harryinahurry

    Depends on the style of house. This house is over 100 years old with double sash windows so shutters or curtains; had venetians or roller blinds in last 1950s big windowed house, plus gorgeous jute roman blinds in the sun room. They all have their place...even vertical blinds have a place...

  • macyjean

    Plantation shutters, curtains, vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, depending on the room. I don't think I've ever lived in a house that had a single solution throughout.

  • PRO
    Bristow Design

    We have plantation shutters in all the rooms

  • wuff
    I voted curtains because that is what I would prefer, it is not what I have currently, have one set of curtains that I like.
  • Tribbletrouble44152k7 Trek

    Please give combination options or "other" as an option in polls.. I know from other threads that a lot of people have a combination in their homes, like me.

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  • wuff
    Yes, TTT, probably not many curtains in wet areas!!
  • hayley

    I would prefer curtains or roman blinds

  • PRO
    Melwood Cabanas and Garden Rooms

    I love rollerblinds for their neat, sophisticated look.

    Venetians are a nightmare to clean... x)

    Plantation shutters are worth the investment. Low maintenance and good in wet areas where fabrics/wood may not be so good.

    I have a mix of plantation shutters and rollerblinds, with a few curtains. :)

  • PRO
    Zone Interiors

    Great point everyone makes about no one home using one style or the other exclusively! Great to see so much variety - wish we could do a great big tour of everyone's homes and chat about choices!

    Thanks Tribbletrouble44152k7 Trek - will definitely remember this for next time!

  • Double D

    I have sheers and curtains across the front of my house, and roller blinds at the back, I love the shutters, but they are to expensive, my windows are huge at the front, and I think they would overpower the rooms, I think they look better on smaller narrow windows.

  • PRO
    Richard Cole Architecture

    Roller blinds as they are minimal and low maintenance. They also come in so many options depending on the space and light requirements, block outs, enviroscreens to prevent glare and heat gain/loss, transparent with extensive colour/texture choices.

  • PRO
    Melwood Cabanas and Garden Rooms

    great point Richard Cole Architecture, :) also.. they are usually the most economical range of window coverings.

  • annb1997

    For the first time, we have nothing on the windows, except for motorised exterior blinds. No close neighbours and wonderful rural views to enjoy-finally!