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Master bedroom colour ideas-room faces west (slightly south) in Qld

7 years ago

Measurements of
master bedroom are 4000x3600 so we would consider it a compact to medium size.
Bedroom is at the front of the house, facing West (slightly south west) in
Queensland. We are about to get bright 'clean' white shutters installed as we
have a large bay window at the front which gives us the afternoon sun, as
well as on the window behind our bed which will really modernise the
room. We would like to repaint our room and are trying to decide on what
colour to go for, apart from white as I feel too stark, and want the feel
to be more relaxing, sensual, but don't want anything that will be
outdated too soon either. We were thinking a teal, but think that could
be too full on? Our bedroom also has a small ensuite. Would appreciate any
advice for first time home owners. This photo is taken at night time, so probably not the best photo - but at least can get an idea of size and what furniture we have, and where the windows are where we will be getting the shutters.

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