Caesarstone alternatives for the kitchen and bathroom?

May 5, 2018
last modified: May 10, 2018

Hoping someone can suggest some potential alternatives for kitchen and bathroom bench tops.

Our preferred product is Caesarstone due to the feel and look of it, but we haven't been able to find quite the colour we're looking for in their range.... I'd really like to explore something similar from another company maybe? So far a search has turned up Quantum Quartz but I'm wondering if there are others.

Heat resistance is not so much the appeal, but I do a lot of pastry work so want something thats nice to roll dough out on... We're in Sydney if that makes a difference

Any ideas?

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    Dr Retro House Calls

    There are lots of different manufacturers of reconstituted stone products, so google search for reconstituted stone, rather than Caesarstone, which is the market leader and a brand name.

    Make your selections from seeing real samples in your home, as images off the internet are deceptive for colour accuracy. I like Caesarstone as it feels like stone, whereas some of the competitors feel more like plastic.

    A lot of the costs to reconstituted stone benchtops comes down to the labour content for installation. For instance I had a client who was shocked that her Caesaerstone laundry benchtop was so expensive, until I explained to her about the manual labour needed to finish off the edging for the hole for her undermount sink and her benchtop edge detail.

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    Best of luck with your selections,


    Dr Retro

    of Dr Retro House Calls

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    Compass Kitchens

    Hi Alex & Christie, you may like to search "Reconstituted Stone" which is what this type of product is called. In addition to Caesarstone & Quantum there is also Essastone, Silestone, Stone Italiana and Smartstone. All of these feel and sound like stone. We have a small section on our website about the various properties of Reconstituted Stone if this is any help.

    If you are looking for something different to the manmade Reconstituted Stone products but want the feel of stone, you may also like to look through the range of real Natural Granites and other Stone available. Wholesalers CDK Stone have a good site to help give an idea of what's available, though these slabs are all best seen in real life.

    Hope this helps.



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    Paul Di Stefano Design

    It's kind of like when people talk about "Gyprock" walls, when they mean "plasterboard", or "Laminex" benches when they mean "laminate" or "Matrix" panel rather than "compressed sheet" - the power talking of the larger company's marketing capacities........Anyway to answer your question my advice is actually go into a stone benchtop manufacturer's showroom/workshop and physically see the different "re-con" slabs in the factory as they look completely different as a larger slab than as a small sample. There you should be able to see the vast array of different re-con companies products as they are kind of much of a muchness in regards to what they are, which is in basic terms "manufactured" or "engineered" stone as opposed to natural stone - so ultimately it's about finding the colour that works for you. Another material option you could look at are the "acrylic" tops like Corian or Hanex that are not as cold to touch are super smooth and feel beautiful to work on - I think Laminex have a similar acrylic product range too - the kitchen below is a Hanex

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    And yet other material option you could also look at (but it's more limited in colour range, but not bad though) is a porcelain product called Neolith by CDK stone that is bulletproof and they have some pretty impressive colours. This kitchen in this one below is that porcelain product but regularly mistaken for Calacatta marble tops (1/4 of the cost and without the maintenance/care issues associated with natural stone) - highly recommended for any outdoor kitchen application over any recon product ;)

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    Hope this helps, gives you a few ideas :) PD

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  • Christie

    Thanks so much for the replies - This is really helpful. I'll try searching using those keywords instead to find some showrooms around Sydney that we can visit. Thanks again!

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    WK Quantum Quartz

    Hi alexandchristie, in addition to our Quantum Quartz range, we also offer natural stone and large format porcelain sheets - QuantumSIx+. Check out our website to view all 3 product ranges
    Or feel free to pop into our showroom to view samples/slabs and pickup samples
    : )

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    Inavogue Kitchens & Cabinets

    There are many different brands of manufactured stone, another option that hasn't been mentioned yet is SileStone, they have quite a few more colours than Caesarstone so if you're not finding a colour you like with them, SileStone or like mentioned above, Quantum Quartz could be good brands to look into.

    Good luck with your project!

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    Collaborative Interiors

    Hi Alex and Christie,

    Quantum Six is a beautiful product that is essentially a large porcelain tile (slab) that is screen printed to replicate an effect for example marble. It is very realistic in appearance to that of natural stone. It comes in either 6mm or 12mm thickness and the edges can be book marked so it looks like a thick stone slab. There will be no joins as slabs are either 3200 X 1600 or 2400 x 1200 which aesthetically looks fantastic and is hygenic for your wet areas. Very easy to maintain and is resistant to heat in addition it would be a lovely surface to work your pastry. I recently used this product in a kitchen and it has come up beautifully the clients adore it and it has become the focal point of their kitchen. Happy to assist you if required. Thanks Collaborative Interiors

  • Jo Louise
    Essatone recommended not to use.

    I’m using quantum quartz. On choice quantum and Caesar stone were on par.
  • Jo Louise
    I meant essatone stone not recommended. Not staron and Corian to clarify
  • tlwk28
    Not sure what colour your after but I originally saw a Caesar stone product called “sleek concrete” and opted for a product from quantum quartz called “carbon matte”, I obtained samples of both products and they literally look the same with similar qualities
  • herladyship92

    If you are in Sydney, perhaps check out the stone benchtop options at Bunnings. I have a beautiful kitchen from Bunnings, and the priciest item was definitely the benchtop, but well worth the cost. Essential Stone was the provider, and my bench top was made on the Central Coast. there are three levels of quality and one is sure to meet your budget. Mine was in the mid-range and it is stunningly beautiful, they did an outstanding job at installation and I couldn't be happier with it.

  • herladyship92

    by the way, that is a manufactured stone :)

  • A Muzza
    We recently used smartstone in our kitchen, which also had a good selection of colours/styles in engineered stone. We are also based in Sydney
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    Plush Design Interiors

    Hi Alex and Christie, I am installing a kitchen this week using a product I have used before and that I really like. It's Mirostone - a 100% acrylic product which feels and looks just like the reconstituted stone - it even feels cold like stone - yet it's much cheaper than any reconstituted stone I have found. Being 100% acrylic it's not porous which also means it's very hygienic. It's resilient to marks and staining so will be good for rolling out pastry dough. However, it should be treated with care like any benchtop and a chopping board or hot surface board used when required. Marks and stains can be easily sand-papered away - that's right, sandpaper - but because the stone colour goes through to the base, you aren't left with a discoloured patch. It only comes in 7 colours from white to grey, but it's a really nice product. I believe it is available Australia-wide from the distributors in Adelaide (where I am based). Good luck. Cheers, Penelope

  • MrsRicho

    Jodie Louise - Why don't you recommend essastone?? I am looking at using the ash concrete and the unique calacatta but am finding it hard to get any info or reviews on them anywhere.

  • Jo Louise
    Did you see that combination at the Hive? That’s exactly what I was going to do. BUT I asked two stonemasons if they would price the work for my kitchen and they said they wouldn’t use the stone for one and two they have stopped working with Essastone due to the quality.
    After hearing that I got turned off it.
  • Jo Louise

    MrsRicho Call a Stonemason and ask there preference on stone and what they recommend. I presume not a lot of people know of Essatone I believe its a branch of Laminex Group laminates.

  • MrsRicho
    What’s the hive? I haven’t seen it anywhere just liked the Honed feel of the calacatta and the colour of the concrete. I’ll call. Stonemason and check. Thanks so much.
  • bob marley

    pour your own concrete top any colour/finish you want at a silly cheap price and spend the thousands saved on a holiday...

  • bob marley

    Plush Design Interiors...not heatproof though is it , which means it shouldnt be mentioned as any sort of alternative in this story..