Combined bathroom laundry design help please...

last year
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We’re planning for our new home to have a combined bathroom/laundry that is accessible from the hallway, connects to the backyard via a hinged door opening inwards and also connects to the guest bedroom via a sliding door (we want the doorway to be 820mm not 720mm as currently shown). The space has 2 different widths - 2960 at its wider end and 2660 at the narrow end and is 4120 in length.

So far, we’ve only been able to come up with the plan below, but there’s no wall space for towel rails and a lot of vacant space in the centre of the room. Overall, it just doesn't seem like the best solution. Is there some way we can improve on this design – we’ve been wracking our brains to no avail and would love some expert advice!

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