Your help with a bathroom and walk-in robe combo

January 24, 2019
last modified: January 24, 2019

Hi I am having trouble trying to design my space, suddenly the dimensions changed as we removed a laundry so now I am trying to incorporate a wardrobe area in with the bathroom area. The space is 3430 x 2940. The wall that is 2940 will have a high window in it and is an external wall the other side opposite is the entry into the bedroom.

I have been trying out various floor plans and am finding it very hard to incorporate a double shower, working with 1000 a double vanity that is approx. 1500 and a toilet would love a bath but???? as well as a functional wardrobe area (I have a lot of clothes that I've hidden from my partner!). I have mucked about on the ikea planning tools to get a basic concept, please see picture. If anyone has any ideas I would love your help.

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    Dr Retro House Calls

    Clothes storage in bathrooms is not a great idea. You risk mould and mildew in your clothes from the steam from showers and hot baths. They should really be in separate rooms with good ventilation. Most cupboards are not air tight around the doors.

    Best of luck,

    Dr Retro

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  • oklouise

    a separate wiw and ens will give the best use of the space with maximum storage wall to disguise the volume of your clothes in chests of drawers under hanging space below high shelves and there's space in the ensuite for a generous double shower, vanity and wall cabinets but the bath will have to go elsewhere if you want to be able to stand and dress in the wiw or ens and keep the rooms feeling comfortable for two people to use together

    twin highlight windows will provide light and ventilation and hinged doors allow for clothes racks and/or hooks on the back of the doors

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    Thank you for your input, much appreciated yes now that I think about it dampness might be an issue.

    Louise you idea of separating them is great! Was so fixated on having the bathroom at the end that it didn’t even enter my head. Revising the plans today so will look at separating them. Thanks!

  • siriuskey

    Just curious stockholmmoose what is your Profession, OK once again did a great job designing your space for you

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    I studied art, so I have done a variety of creative based things in the past.

    I‘ve never renovated so this is all new and was a fast decision hence the call for help. It was originally putting up a wall and converting a garage to a room to now a full Renovatio on a tight budget so hopefully my creativity comes in good use.

  • siriuskey

    OKs Floor plan will be a great help, looking forward to seeing what you decide to do, especially fit out, tiles etc