Should it be a buffet?

Ann-Marie Crease
January 30, 2019

I need to put something on this wall opposite the kitchen and don't know whether to get a free standing or built in style buffet. And do I match it to the kitchen island, not with the same benchtop but with the top being the same as the sides or do I match or co-ordinate it to the buffet I have in the dining room next to it.

The pink tape marks out a size of 2 m wide by 50cm deep which I don't think I can go much bigger because it will obstruct the doorway into the lounge on the left of it.

I can get a custom made one with deep drawers which I would like but it is twice the price of a free standing one but can't find one with deep drawers only, I would prefer drawers than cupboards as I think they provide better storage options.

I would appreciate any suggestions

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