help with old overwhelming parquetry floors

last year

I would like some ideas on our old parquetry floors please.

We have just moved into our first ever home and need some help with the floors, wall colour, window coverings, kitchen colours and layout.

The most overwhelming thing for us is the old parquetry floor. It is in the kitchen, dining, walk in pantry, entrance and linen Cupboard.

As you can see it is very motley and needs to be subtled down, by evening out the colours if possible. Or should be just laminate over it. Seems a shame after all the work and expense in laying it originally.

The parquetry meets up with tiles in the living, bedroom hallway and tv rooms.

The place needs a paint (what colours?) and the salmon curtains need to be changed (to what?)

We are in a very limited budget. But I’m sure we could modernise the place with some wall paint in good colour choice, perhaps rugs, soft sheer curtains. But what do we do about the floor.

I’m thinking about painting the kitchen too as we can’t afford s new kitchen. Again what colours?

What would you suggest? We are open to any suggestions.


Thanks very much

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