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6 months ago
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Hi there, I am in need of help with exterior colour for a highset dark red brick house (1980's I think) with zincalume roof.
I am wanting to change the excess of Colorbond Manor House Red. Currently we have Manor House Red gutters, fascia, handrail steel upright supports and wooden top rails for steps and verandah. Also Manor House Red steel supports from ground to verandah.
We also have Classic Cream screen door with a timber varnished door with glass inserts and cream type of colour roller shutters with small band of red trim.
Windows are a bronze-ish colour.
Concrete steps and verandah and porch area concrete Ironstone.
Porch wall is a biscuity sort of colour (horrible).
Garage roller door Ironstone (new).
What I am wanting to change are the gutters, fascia, eaves, steel upright support, wooden hand rails, steel supports from ground maybe and porch wall.
I don't want to paint the roof.
My first thought was to paint the gutters and fascia Shale Grey as this is the closest match, steel upright supports Ironstone and wooden handrail in Shale Grey.
So I painted the handrail after undercoating and painted the steel upright support of one side of the steps. Upright support is ok but not sure about the handrail?
Without undercoating gutter and fascia I painted a coat of Shale Grey and it looks like grey primer.
Then my next dilemma is the Classic Cream screen door and roller shutters. Should I be using cream instead of greys? And what colour for the porch wall?
I am so confused by the whole colour thing and hope someone can push me in the right direction.
I will attach photo where you can see the patch I painted on gutter and fascia, also handrail and upright support on left hand side of steps.
These are all Colorbond colours by the way and they don't necessarily have to be.

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