Rangehood dilemma

Jo White
11 months ago

We are soon to start building our new house and I am determined that my new kitchen will have the induction cooktop (and the sink - think about how many times you take things from sink to cooktop and vice-versa) in the island bench. This will also allow whoever is cooking to face our wonderful new view whilst cooking.

My dilemma then, is how to deal with a rangehood. I feel it's important to have one, although I'm not sure whether it is a requirement or not (we are in Tassie).

As our ceiling will be taller and raked, I definitely do not want any of the traditional type ones, coming down out of the ceiling as I don't like the look of them and it will impede the view and mess with the contemporary look of the kitchen. With this in mind, I've done a bit of research on pop-up/downdraft type rangehoods but feel they can look a little clunky and am also worried about having the cut-out space for it and the top of it, even when it is not in use, ruining the streamlined look of the bench.

Does anybody have any experience with pop-up rangehoods or any other creative solution?

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