Queenslander Verandah Decking

Iain Davison
last month

We intend to build a 1st floor Verandah to mirror the Ground Floor Verandah. It's huge....think Queenslander proportions. My Wife would like the undersides closed-in, with something like V-joint boards. Whilst this easily done on the 1st floor (underneath the roof) the Ground Floor Verandah Ceiling (or underside of the 1st Floor Verandah) poses more of a problem. Weather (water) and dirt/leaves will gather in the void if we use a traditional spaced decking. I've been sticky-beaking at old houses that look like they have tighter fit, more like floorboards or a tongue n groove, angled away from the house. Does this sound right?

Has anyone had experience with this situation? What advice could you afford me?

Much appreciated Houzzo's.


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