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27 days ago
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Hi, I am building my first house with SJD homes and am now at the changes round. As I have never done this before I'm not sure what works or not.

I'm wondering if it's possible to recommend any more changes? I have one more change round I can make.

This is my block of land (North is going to the right):

This is my house design:

There are a few things that the change round has missed. The stacker in the Rumpus should be 2365mm high, the windows in the Kitchen and WIP should be Double Glazed, and the ensuite door should be 720mm.

The changes I'm thinking of making are:

  • increasing the 1800X850 windows to 2057X850
  • removing the 1800X850 windows in the Rumpus as there isn't enough room there for a 65"+ TV on that wall (if I keep a window on that wall then I'm not sure where to put it)
  • removing the void in the WIP and extending the bench to the wall and then remove the shelves from the other wall, or the other option is keeping the void and shelves but not extending it all the way around the corner. Basically just having it on the East wall.
  • removing the towel rack (TR) from the Bath and extending the vanity to about 1100mm (currently it is 900mm)
  • maybe removing the 2 stackers in the Family/Meals and replacing it with a bi-parting entertainer door and then add 2 windows on either side to take the covered wall out (this will be about $3/4k extra and not sure if I can afford it)

Any advice would be appreciated :)


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