too much black? (kitchen reno)

ian s
5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

we've gutted the area to become a new large kitchen, we have about 7200x3500 avail space with good natural light. My plan has been matt black cabinets along back wall, caesarstone rugged concrete island bench, black sink and induction cook top on the island bench (schweigen extractor in ceiling) and a black franke tap. walls are white. floor natural timber. the right hand end in the pic will be opened up with some full height louvres and windows. all those vertical supports are temporary.

Im now going off the caesarstone product for bench top and thinking about neolith, seems more durable/less staining in either beton or iron copper. with black sink/tap etc as before. there will be some wall area at the back around the windows that will be tiled, maybe a rich forest green. We did have all this planned and drawn up but after seeing the space we've scrapped it and starting again...

so, is it too black, thanks! ian

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