Window Furnishing - sliding stacker door with highlights

Mauricio Rios
9 days ago

Hi All, I am struggling to find a solution to my window furnishing needs.

I have these sliding stacker doors that meet in a corner. Which also have highlight windows above them (each with a pair of small awning windows for ventilation).

I am after a solution that will allow me to keep the highlights free from any blind etc, (ie. completely open ) whilst having the option of both blockout and filtered light covering the sliding stackers.

I thought I found the best solution here : in these top down venetian blinds by Luxaflex/Hunter Douglas. It turns out, these are not available in Australia!!

I could then hang 2 of these across the back at 1200mm each, and raise one at a time , as each stacker is slid back.

Any one have any ideas as to how to furnish these windows?


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