Best orientation for my kitchen island?

Duong Ngo
7 days ago
last modified: 5 days ago

Hi all,

I'd love some advice on a house we are planning to build


Kitchen - 3760mm (stove side) x2970mm (pantry side)

Dining room - 4680mm x 2125mm

Gap between dining to sink bench 1000mm

gap between kitchen sink bench to the stove bench 2070mm

I was thinking of either removing the peninsular bench and shifting sink bench to stove to 1300mm to allow for more space to walk through the dining or flipping the bench so it faces the living room/ which we plan on converting to our dining room.

Whats the best orientation and approach do you recommend?

We will have a pool just sitting on the corner of the alfresco and the yard faces NE.

Also any other recommendations on the floorplan would be great. Thank you!

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